Chilly Dog Bunny Hoodie


Show your dog's softer size with the Chilly Dog Bunny Hoodie! Hand-knitted from thick, soft wool, this sweater has ample fit and stretch so it's comfy for your broad-chested dog. Thoughtfully cut higher on the underside to accommodate male dogs. Abundantly cute.

Chilly Dog employs Incan Artisans in South American to create their hand knit wool dog sweaters. They follow fair trade guidelines, providing jobs in healthy workplaces that pay a fair living wage so their knitters can enjoy a better lifestyle. All Chilly Dog garments are made from 100% wool and use plant dyes, too, so they are healthier for your dog and for the environment. 

**Chilly Dog sweaters are in very high demand, so during winter months, they often run out of their most popular styles. If the sweater you ordered is out of stock, we will let you know right away and give you the option to choose an alternate style or wait for the backorder to come in. More sweaters are always being knitted and/or on their way to the States, so stock is continually replenished until spring/summer.


Size L measures 19-21" L, 15-17" neck and 24-26" girth

Size XL measures 24-26"L, 18-20" neck and 26-30' girth

Size XXL measures 27-28" L, 21-23" neck and 32-35" girth

Other sizes available, email us at
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This sweater is SO cute! It is heavy, durable, and well-made. The ears have a bit of perk to them so they stick up and off the head. This is going to definitely keep her warm this winter
Posted by Lindsay, 5th Oct 2016

so flippin' cute!

We get so much joy from these sweaters & they keep our girls warm! The cute factor is off the scales & the public really responds so positively to our pitties. Good quality & easy to put on them.
Posted by tosh & gizmo, 30th Mar 2015