Grey Flannel Thundershirt

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The Grey Flannel ThunderShirt has a patented design that applies gentle, constant pressure around a dog's torso. Much like "swaddling" an infant, this pressure can have an amazing calming effect.  We especially love this one because it doubles as a stylish t-shirt! Cute clothing always gets the dogs a some positive attention, which gives us a chance to let them meet strangers and change minds!

Thundershirt has a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not fully satisfied with the product, you can return it to them within 45 days for a full refund.effective anti-anxiety solution for many dogs

  • lightweight, can be worn year-round
  • great for storms, separation anxiety, travel and general anxiety
  • in some dogs, it may eliminate the need for anti-anxiety medication
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (handled by Thundershirt)


Size L fits dogs 41-64 lbs

Size XL fits dogs 65-110 lbs
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Utterly amazing

Its almost hard to believe that there's no tranquilizers involved with the sedating effects of a thundervest. When our pit's too hyper and hard to calm we pull it out. He loves it so when he sees it he sits and waits eagerly for us to put it on, and like magic, within 5 minutes he's curled up and snoring. Its really pretty hysterical.
Posted by NickJ, 1st Jan 2016