Hurtta Microfleece Jumpsuit


You'll want a couple of these for outdoor play in colder temperatures--the Hurtta microfleece jumpsuit will not only keep your dog's muscles warm during workouts but it's also ridiculously cute! Very soft microfleece fabric is noise-free and ideal for dogs who don't care for getting dressed... once it's on, they'll forget they're wearing clothes! Step-in design is a piece of cake because of the handy snap at the back of the neck---it holds the suit in place while you zip up your pup! Machine washable, breathable, cozy fabric. Good for snuggling and can double as pajamas, too! Excellent fit for pit bull-type bodies.

** This item was discontinued by Hurtta last fall to make room for new styles, so we only have ONE size 20M left. Please measure your dog and only purchase if 20M is the correct size. All sales final on this suit. Thanks!

  • 3M reflectors for high visibility
  • Inner drawstrings at neck and waist for fine-tuning fit
  • Elastic at leg openings
  • Machine washable
  • Zips up the back
  • YES! It is open on lower abdomen and around the tail!


Size 20M: 20"L, 24" neck, up to 35" girth
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Pitty Perfect!

We have a 63lb. Pit Bull Terrier. We have searched high and low for an outfit that would not only FIT our Pitbull and his muscular build, but one that wouldn't start to pull back on his shoulders, causing it to stretch out. Not only did we want something that would be warm in the winter time (our pitty hates the cold!) but we also wanted something to cover his body for skin issues. Our dog has severe allergies and gets dry in the winter, so he is constantly scratching himself. He's on prescription drops and ointment to help this, but I love that this jumpsuit covers all of the areas that he scratches, and gives his skin a nice break and time to heal! This jumpsuit is multi-purpose for us, and we absolutely love it! It fits very well, is durable, and I love that he can wear it even on walks with the open belly/butt areas. This is a genius design. I highly recommend this to anyone with a pitty that needs it for warmth, cover, or plain old style!
Posted by Amber, 22nd Feb 2016

A jacket truly "fit4apit" when it's cold

I have a 55 lbs half staffy, half american bull terrier and live in Boston. Once temps dip into the low 20s or it starts snowing, he needs a jacket. Unfortunately those jackets you just strap on their back wasn't cutting it and that was after we went to 6 different pets stores and finally found one that fits a pitbull body. We ordered the 20M and it fits and works great! He loves being out in the snow now and wearing it around the apartment even. The one knock is I wish the zipper was stronger. Sometimes in the park when he gets to running around it can split apart if you have him zipped up tight. I leave the top open a little to prevent this. Bonus: Girls go absolutely nuts for him when they see him in his jacket. It is great because in the city where a lot of people cross the other side of the street when they see a pitbull, it is a nice feeling to have them come running up to pet him. Well... that and you have a 4 legged girl magnet.
Posted by Mike, 19th Feb 2016

Cute & may reduce risk of injury in cold

Upon seeing this in person, I could immediately tell it is high quality, durable and warm. It just so happens to coincidentally also be pretty adorable/hilarious to see our pit casually dressed in a full body sweatsuit. In addition to those reasons, I bought it because its one of the few warm garments I've seen which also covers the legs/joints. I know that being a high energy breed amidst icy cold winters increases the chance of sustaining various serious injuries (torn ligaments, muscles, joint problems, etc). I got this because ours is a bit of a speedy maniac when we let him run in the yard year-round and I wanted to reduce his chances of pulling something. So far, so good!
Posted by NickJ, 14th Jan 2016

How did we live without it?!

This suit is fabulous! It's kind of fun putting on a squirming pooch but I'm getting the hang of it. We still add an extra fleece when going outdoors on super cold days (chilly PA) but we often leave it on indoors as well to keep our girl warm. Slit at top for harness hook, too!! We got 20M & fits her perfectly! Tinsel is a pit bull dog, about 50-55lbs. Length shoulders to base of tail: 20" Rib cage/chest girth: 27.5" Chest width: 11" Neck girth: 19" 22M probably would've been fine, too, but I'm glad we did the 20M.
Posted by Tinsel's Mom :), 15th Jan 2015

great fit for my pit

My pit usually hates wearing coats, but she loves to be outside in the cold and snow. She loves this suit! It's an easy on and off, even with a 70lb dog. She stays warm while playing and I don't worry about her recent knee injury because her muscles are warm.
Posted by Louisa, 18th Dec 2014

Super Cozy

This jumper is great. My girl is getting older and I wanted something with warmth for all of her old joints, love the jumper covers her legs. The neck is adjustable for wind protection. The temp is -13 so we definitely need this cozy jumper. This is a great length on her bare belly providing awesome warmth and pairs well under a jacket or vest . Which is the cutest thing I have seen yet!
Posted by Rocks and Amanda, 27th Nov 2014