KONG Extreme Toy


Even if your dog's job rarely takes him off the couch, the KONG Extreme's goofy, unpredictable bounce makes for hours of chasing and fetching fun--just the thing for pit bull-type dogs! For added entertainment, stuff the hollow interior with treats or gooey peanut butter and extracting the contents becomes a "hunt" to keep your pup happy and busy for a while. A favorite 'enrichment tool' for many shelters and rescues--buy one for your dog and donate one!

Chewing Kongs also helps promote strong jaws, clean teeth and general oral health. Even the most powerful chewers will find it hard to break apart the carbon-formula Ultra Flex material. Dogs with problem behaviors like barking and digging will especially benefit from the mental and physical stimulation that this toy provides.

***this an extremely durable toy and will generally last a long time. We've found it useful for many dogs, which is why it's here in our store. However, no chew toy truly lasts forever! Keep an eye on it and if chunks start to come out, email fit4apit@gmail.com for tips on how to maintain your KONG and keep it safe for your dog. We recommend knowing your dog's chewing habits before leaving them alone with any toy!

  • non-toxic
  • non-splintering and puncture-resistant
  • XL measures 5.5" diameter x 8.5" L
  • King measures 5.5" diameter x 9.5" L
  • Made in USA


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