Newtrix head halter


This alternative to the traditional head halter harnesses the natural balance reflex of your dog to stop him from pulling on the leash. Instead of hooking under the dog's chin, twisting his neck, the ingenious "push-pulley" exerts a gentle pressure behind the dog's head. Your dog automatically leans back into the pressure and stops pulling! Much as a seat belt restrains you in your car, the Newtrix halter restrains your dog only when he struggles against it and relaxes when he stops. We find this halter to be much more useful and effective than traditional head collars and the comfortable straps won't abrade your dog's sensitive muzzle.

SIZE SMALL ONLY, fits 25-45 lbs

**Please follow instructions on how to adjust the head halter on the included pamplet. If it doesn't fit, please return to us using the instructions on the returns page. For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns on halters that have been worn!

  • soft, safe and gentle
  • will not chafe
  • Made in Canada


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