Nylabone Galileo


The Nylabone Galileo is the world's strongest synthetic dog bone! Made of super-tough nylon, it lasts far longer than other chew toys. Galileo is safe to chew because the thin shavings swallowed during chewing pass through harmlessly. Saves teeth by cleaning and massaging gums and since Galileo is non-abrasive, there's no tooth wear.

***this an extremely durable toy and will generally last a long time. We’ve found it useful for many dogs, which is why it’s here in our store. However, no chew toy truly lasts forever! Keep an eye on it and if your dog seems to be able to take chunks out of it, please discard it. We recommend knowing your dog’s chewing habits before leaving them alone with any toy.

  • L is for dogs up to 35 lbs
  • XL is for dogs over 35 lbs (we recommend this for most adult bully breed dogs)
  • extra-tough nylon is non-toxic
  • designed to stand up to powerful chewers
  • Made in USA
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