Pit Bulls Cuddle Better Hoodie


We love all dogs but we can't lie... pit bulls cuddle the best! There's just something about the way these guys snuggle up to their humans, other dogs, cats...birds, guinea pigs, mice, ducklings, lizards, etc.. tell the world what's up with the Pit Bulls Cuddle Better hoodie! 

 The "Cuddle" slogans are original designs created by our friends at Dpcted Apparel all the way back in 2009. "Pit Bulls Cuddle Better" was a collaboration between us and Dpcted in early 2013. If it's not branded Dpcted Apparel, it's an imitation!

PLEASE MEASURE YOUR DOG BEFORE ORDERING! Visit our FIT PAGE for instructions & diagram showing how to measure, then find the corresponding size listed under the SIZING CHART tab above

**Custom printed and will be shipped 5-7 days after order. Please measure your dog before ordering and refer to the garment measurements in the sizing chart tab

  • leash opening on the back
  • cotton/poly blend
  • funny pocket
  • poly fleece lining
  • cut higher underneath for male dogs 


L measures 22"L , 18" neck, up to 28" chest

XL measures 24" L, 20" neck, up to 34" chest

PLEASE MEASURE YOUR DOG BEFORE ORDERING! Visit our FIT PAGE for instructions & diagram showing how to measure, then find the corresponding size listed under the SIZING CHART tab above
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Pit Bulls Cuddle Better Hoodie

I have unsuccessfully tried to find good quality shirts to fit my big boy UNTIL I found fit4apit. The quality is great and Hammer LOVES his hoodie! He wears it with pride and doesn't like to take it off. The customer service was also excellent. I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Posted by Kerri H., 4th Jan 2017

Too Cute!

I ordered two hoodies from two different websites. I got this one for my boy, and I ordered my girl's from another site (only because it said B**** (which she is.) Anyhow, the Fit for a Pit hoodie definitely is of better quality. I love how handsome my boy looks in it! It's a tad snug so I might go up a size for his next one, but that's okay. Will definitely buy again!
Posted by Deanna, 22nd Dec 2016

super cute!

Lucille looks adorable in her hoodie. Very well made :) she's 80 lbs and an xl fits her a little snug but seems comfy for her.
Posted by undefined, 22nd Sep 2016

sooo cute and warm

This sweater fits great and is cut to the shape of a dog not humans, neck was little tight but just made a tiny slit there. My girl is 60-65 lbs lean and muscular and the XL fits perfect and she looks so cute.
Posted by undefined, 26th Feb 2016

Big Pittie Mix

I have a 73 pound Pittie mix who loves his sweatshirts. I was looking for a pull over that would work for him as extended wear of his zip ups tended to start bothering his boy bit. This sweatshirt fit the bill, it is a little tight on his neck, which was remedied with a pair of scissors and a small cut at the neckline. Super soft material, he loves wearing it and wasn't bothered at all by the pull over
Posted by undefined, 31st Dec 2015

Perfect Fit

My pit is a very wide but very short girl who usually doesn't fit into anything. the XL fit her perfectly. Great customer service also.
Posted by Megan, 13th Nov 2015

loving it♡

Always joked my Monique's boobs...all 8 or 10 of them...havent counted were too big. Returned everything but a velcro jackket. Other tshirts and sweaters did not fit her chest and arms. This is perfect...she is outside now playing in 30 degree weather. Perfect fit too!!
Posted by tawney, 23rd Feb 2015

Our little girl, loves this so much, we bought her a second.

Our little girl, gets cold very quickly. Now that she has these sweatshirts, she is super happy and warm. So happy I fact she won't let us take it off. This is perfect for this cold weather we have been experiencing.
Posted by undefined, 17th Feb 2015

sooo cute!

good quality ,fits perfect for my female pit ,loveee it!
Posted by kelly , 10th Feb 2015