Plato Duck Strips


Why duck? Many bull & terrier dogs are sensitive to chicken, beef and even salmon! For some of us, the tiniest bit of the wrong protein can send our dog's skin and digestive system into a tailspin, resulting in expensive vet visits and medications! That's why Plato Natural Duck Strips are a safer choice--they're made with top-quality ingredients found right here in the USA. They smell and taste great and have a little crunch to them, while still being very easy to chew and break apart. I haven't met a dog who turned their nose up at these yet!

  • over 90% duck
  • hypoallergenic, perfect for dogs with food allergies
  • fortified with anti oxidant vitamins, zinc, & high in iron
  • no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMO's
  • no meat by-products or meals
  • 16 oz
  • Made in the USA
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