Suzanne Clothier Behavior Booklet Set


Any dog owner can benefit from reading the nifty little Suzanne Clothier Behavior Booklet set. Suzanne has been training dogs and teaching humans since 1977--suffice it to say, she knows her stuff. Her vast knowledge, common sense and sense of humor makes reading the booklets easy-breezy. The 4-book set includes:

  • Finding A Balance: If your goal is a friendship, not a dictatorship, this booklet will help you recognize your dog's cultural needs for leadership and find ways to meet those needs in a holistic and loving way
  • Understanding & Teaching Self Control: Offers practical, easy to follow guidelines for teaching your dog self control. From that balanced, calm state, everything else that follows is easy, and truly humane training is possible
  • Body Posture & Emotions: Whether your dog is fearful or aggressive, exuberant or shy, this booklet will help you understand exactly how emotional patterns can limit or block learning - and what you can do about it!
  • The Seven Cs: Clothier examines these 7 key points of the dog/human relationship: creativity, consistency, communication, congruency, condition, clarity and confidence  


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