The Pet Net Auto Barrier


Let's face the facts: we can't drive with our dogs in the driver's seat with us, even though that's where most would prefer to ride. While seatbelts offer the ultimate level of safety for our dogs, we also use the Pet Net Auto Barrier in our cars as an extra layer of protection (when we stop somewhere to run in quick and the pups stay in the car, we like to unhook their seatbelts so they can roam a little. This keeps them from hopping up front). Also great for those driving with multiple dogs, as it's difficult to safely hook more than 3 into seatbelts without everybody getting tangled up. The Pet Net is designed to fit almost any vehicle including cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. And although no product is truly "one size fits all", The Pet Net was designed can be used in a variety of vehicles. Please measure your car to be sure it fits!

  • bungee attachment system makes it highly adjustable
  • quick, easy installation & removal--takes just a few seconds!
  • standard - 47"W x 24"T  (for cars and smaller SUVs/ trucks)
  • large - 47"W x 34"T  (for larger SUVs/trucks)
  • Includes Pet Net, 2 loop bungees, 4 double-hook bungees (12"), storage bag
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