Bowser Ball Fleece Bed

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Every dog loves having a great place to cuddle, especially pitties! The Bowser Ball Fleece Bed gives your dog a warm and cozy place to curl up like a little roly-poly with plenty of room for snuggling! The soft poly fleece  cover stands up to even the most obsessive-compulsive "fluffers". The entire bedcover, insert cover and filling is machine washable, so the bed can be fully dismantled and washed thoroughly.

*special order item, takes about a week to ship out from our supplier directly to you

  • L is 32" diameter
  • XL is 44" diameter
  • Dio & Olive are pictured on an XL bed
  • 100% polyester cover
  • Made in the USA
measurements: L measures 32" diameter x 30" H
XL measures 44" diameter x 30" H
30" H straight out of the box. Bed will flatten some after use but can be re-fluffed!


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My two pitties love the bed!

Both fit on it and they lay in all types of positions next to each other and would rather sleep in this bed than on the people bed - a first! They absolutely loved it from the moment it came out of the box.
Posted by Michelle, 23rd Feb 2016


As soon as I opened the box and placed Luke's new bed on the floor he jumped right into it. The bed is perfect for a Pit because their body sinks in and they can rest their head on the resulting lip. Absolutely the best dog bed ever!
Posted by Curt, 18th Sep 2015

I love it!

My 100 lb Monkey Boy loves to sit in his new bed. He even dragged his blanket and his favorite toy to it. He seems to be comfy in it, as I've seen him stretched out in frog leg mode on it as well as on his back with his paws in the sky. He still sleeps with us, mostly on my side of the bed and still manages to push me off the bed. I will admit I've slept on it twice already- it was pretty restful. My little man did realize I wasn't in the human bed with him and came over to his bed. We both fit.
Posted by monkey's momma, 21st May 2015

My Dogs LOVE it!

As soon as I put it down, both of my dogs were laying in it and it hasn't stopped. They have never been so happy with a bed before.
Posted by Kim, 28th Apr 2015

Oh.Muh.Gawd. Our pit mix loves this ball bed!!!

I'm not even kidding that within 5 seconds of opening this product up in out kitchen, our pit mix was laying on this thing. I don't know what the exact secret is, but I think she likes sinking into this bed. She would typically wander in the middle of the night or chase the cats, but she just sleeps soundly in this bed. I'd buy one for every room in the house if I could.
Posted by Matt & Andi, 29th Jan 2015

Best bed ever

Our staffy sleeps in this bed all night long, and cannot seem to figure out a way to destroy it! Perfect.
Posted by Sue, 27th Jan 2015