Bully Babysitter Moose Antler



Need something to occupy your dogs while you entertain dinner guests? Big dogs love our Bully Babysitter Moose antlers and they're the toughest chew toys on the planet! Naturally-shed moose antlers are harvested in the woods of Maine and cut to our specifications, so you won't find these at your local pet store. Safer than cooked bones, they're extremely strong and won't split, crack or fall apart like deer or elk. Moose antlers are hypo-allergenic, fully digestible and won't upset sensitive stomachs. Did we mention they also make awesome toothbrushes? Chewing helps remove tartar and plaque and prevents new build-up from forming. 

We only sell split beams because dogs tend to like digging into the splits rather than trying to go at a giant round, slick antler. We also don't carry any antlers with points because they wear down too quickly. This cut and shape is very specific and was chosen for durability and maximum enticement! 

***NOT MEANT FOR PUPPIES OR DOGS WITH SERIOUS DENTAL ISSUES. Solid calcium-based chews are best for dogs with healthy, adult teeth. Hard chews can damage puppies' incoming adult teeth, so it's best to stick to soft rubber chews until all adult teeth have come in completely.  

  • Our antlers are never bleached, so they stay nice and gamey! The smell will entice even the most picky dogs
  • Great source of calcium
  • USA sourced straight from the woods of Maine
  • When choosing size, remember, the bigger the mouth, the bigger the antler should be
  • Size XL is 10-12 oz, XXL is 12-14 oz and XXXL is a 16+ oz
  • Antlers are selected by weight but all are AT LEAST 9" L and 6" around (some size XXXL cuts will be well over 12" L and 8" around)

Sizing Information

Size XL is 10-11 oz Size XXL is 12-14 oz Size XXXL weighs over 1 lb