CanineActiv Pain Relief



CanineActiv relieves pain and inflammation while promoting healthy, natural healing and repair of damaged tissue! Our senior boy with spinal arthritis and hip dysplasia was really slowing down and limping a lot... his sensitive stomach doesn't tolerate prescription anti-inflammatory meds, so we searched for something gentle that could give him some relief. After months of testing different products, we finally found one that actually worked! CanineActiv has put the spring back into our boy's step!  

The revolutionary Alpha-GEE compound in CanineActiv enhances your dog’s natural recovery process, giving your dog all the benefits of traditional anti-inflammatory medications without the unwanted side-effects. ALPHA-GEE® is a unique peptide compound conjugated from various essential and conditionally essential amino acids found in natural sources. These amino acids are part of your dog’s normal healing process and help to accelerate recovery time and increase healthy mobility.

TRIED AND TESTED - In a recent trial, CanineActiv was found to be better than joint supplements in reducing joint and mobility problems and just as effective as traditional medications!

NON-TOXIC – A major vet school conducted a review of Alpha-GEE’s safety and the results indicated that even at super-therapeutic levels (30 times normal dose), Alpha-GEE produced ZERO negative side effects. The safety data was submitted to the FDA which acknowledged and allowed its sale and use in the marketplace.

  • Medium: 225mg, for dogs 25-65 lbs
  • Large/giant: 300mg, for dog 65+ lbs
  • High Performance: 400mg, for sport & working dogs
  • Trial size is 28 capsules per packet--great for travel
  • 90-count for lasts 45 days if given twice daily, longer if you use just as needed