Dealing with Dog-Dog Aggression (3 DVDs)


Product Overview

Is your dog rude to other dogs, whether on walks in the neighborhood or within your own home? The first half of Dealing with Dog-Dog Aggression addresses dogs who are aggressive to unfamiliar dogs, while the second half examines dog-dog aggression within the home through a one-on-one case study. This entertaining and informative dog behavior seminar gets rave reviews from participants, because it's chock full of practical, effective solutions to a common problem. Get a handle on the issue so your dog can relax! Seminar given by renowned canine behaviorist Dr. Patricia McConnell.

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  • presents enjoyable and humane methods to address the issue
  • helps you understand why dogs may not get along and know how to handle it
  • 3 DVD set
  • Run Time: 5 HRS 40 minutes


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