Dermagic Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo



This DERMagic shampoo is an excellent choice for maintaining a lustrous coat and healthy skin.  This shampoo is specially designed to aid in restoring healthy skin and shiny fur in dogs.  This amazing shampoo is so gentle, as it's especially made for sensitive skin!

DERMagic combines the essential oils of peppermint, melaleuca (tea tree oil), lavender, chamomile, and rosehip seed extracts to create a gentle and restorative shampoo that facilitates healing. Ingredients such as Aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, oat extract, and wheat proteins create a foaming, sulfate-free shampoo with a delightfully fresh scent!

  • Eliminates odors
  • Stimulates healing
  • Restores healthy skin
  • made in USA