Dremel Nail Grinder


Hands down the best way to trim your dog's nails. No more accidentally cutting the nail to the quick and making your dog fearful of being groomed. This tool is quiet, efficient, and so gentle that once your dog is used to it she may take a nap while you trim her nails. When you're finished grooming the dog, use the Dremel tool for some projects out in your garage!

  • Cordless, 2-speed rotatory tool
  • Rechargeable 4.8 volt battery
  • Lightweight
  • Five accessories
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


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Great little tool!

We're still in the training-mode with this as my fur kids get a little nervous when I touch their feet, however they're starting to tolerate it and will let me work on a few nails at a time before they've had enough. They're getting more relaxed each time, soon it will be no big deal! It works really well to gently file the nails down, and you can also file any snags or sharp edges. I feel so much more confident using the dremel to trim their nails instead of nail clippers. You can see what you're doing and don't have to worry about clipping too short, or the patient pulling their paw away at the last second! Love it.
Posted by Abbie, 6th Nov 2017