Fit for a Pit Influencer Ceramic Mug



Check out our mascot dog, Ace, looking cute and nerdy while he totally breaks that laptop keyboard. The classic-shaped Fit for a Pit Influencer Ceramic Mug will hold 11 oz of your favorite hot coffee, tea, matcha, cocoa, yerba matte, or booze! Whether or not he has 250,000 followers on social media, your dog IS an influencer. See the old-timey definition, still valid today:  


influence verb

1to affect or alter by indirect or intangible means
Her dog attempted to influence her to administer cheese, simply by staring at her lovingly
2to have an effect on the condition or development of
The decision to eradicate all BSL was influenced by widespread responsible dog ownership


  • 2-sided design so both lefties and righties can enjoy the art
  • White ceramic
  • 11 oz. (0.33 l) 
  • comfy C-handle
  • Dishwasher safe (but hand washing will preserve color quality for many years)