Fit for a Pit Influencer Tote Bag



Our Fit for a Pit Influencer Tote Bag features our mascot, Ace, wearing cool chunky frames while he types away at the laptop, taking care of all your social media posts. (One can dream, right?) The original meaning of the word "influence" is still valid, especially for us advocates promoting breed-neutral laws and responsible ownership. Changing one mind at a time!

influence verb

1to affect or alter by indirect or intangible means
Her dog attempted to influence her to administer cheese, simply by staring at her lovingly
2to have an effect on the condition or development of
The decision to eradicate all BSL was influenced by widespread responsible dog ownership


It's actually quite a nice, roomy tote that will hold a modest load of groceries, a 17" laptop... or an 18- lb lap dog.

  • Design is on both sides!
  • 18"w x 18"h x 3.15" d
  • durable, canvas-like poly
  • Boxed corners
  • 1"w Black cotton handles are 12"l and have reinforced stitching
  • Black lining
  • hand wash