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The Freedom No-Pull Harness makes walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience! It features a control loop at the back of the harness which tightens gently around your dog's chest to discourage pulling.  Plus, the straps are gentle on sensitive pit bull skin--they're lined with velvet, which helps prevent rubbing behind the dog's front legs. The harness has a cool feature for extra control--connect the included training leash to the front and back of the harness simultaneously for instant "power steering"! While the main connection on the back tightens gently around the chest, the connection on the front will allow you to redirect your dog's attention back to you for training and treats. The training leash can also connect to the harness and a collar at the same time, providing additional control points. 

Please measure using our instructions on the FIT YOUR PIT PAGE and check harness sizing info on the size tab on this page. Harnesses are not able to be exchanged due to mis-measuring, so please email us if you need help:

  • We stock size L only--size M & XL are custom-made and will take 7-10 business days to produce
  • Comes with 5' long double-ended 1" wide training leash 
  • durable nylon webbing
  • soft, velvet-wrapped belly strap 
  • Made in USA


Warranty Information: M fits chest 22" - 28"

L fits chest 26" - 32"

XL fits chest 30" - 38"

PLEASE MEASURE YOUR DOG BEFORE ORDERING! These are not eligible for returns. Visit our FIT PAGE for instructions & diagram showing how to measure, then find the corresponding size listed under the SIZING CHART tab above


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This Harness is Amazing!

This harness works so well for my deaf pit bull who gets over excited and pulls a lot on walks. It was no longer enjoyable taking him for walks because he pulled like crazy the whole time and we had tried other harnesses, gentle leader, etc and nothing was working. With this harness we can finally enjoy walking! The harness provides so much more control and I can steer him when needed. I love the velvet strap too because he has sensitive skin, so it doesn't rub him raw under his arms. Definitely recommend if you have a strong puller.
Posted by Alysa Shalloup, 10th Jul 2019

Love this harness!!

The rescue group from whom I adopted my pit recommended this harness and I'm so thrilled with it. Living in a busy city (Chicago>NYC) it's very helpful to have a lot of control of my girl, who can be dog reactive. Having a short leash and connection points on the front/back of the harness are fantastic. On one freak occasion she managed to get out of this harness, but if you've got an escape artist you can always attach the leash clips to the dog's harness and collar (use a martingale collar!) We get lots of people stopping us to ask about this harness, and we recommend it every time. Even bought one for our new rescue puppy even though he'll be smaller than his big sister. Highly recommend!
Posted by Elizabeth, 12th Apr 2019

Excellent Harnass

When my blind dog gets overly excited to hear his favorite humans, squirrels and dogs, he tends to pull and choke himself. This harnass has alleviated his choking - no more coughing! It's much easier to manage him in high sensory locations like the park or pet store. I wish I had gotten it sooner, this is by far the best harnass I've ever tried! It's also gentle on his very sensitive Pittie skin, no chafing whatsoever, even after long walks. It's very easy to fit and comes in a lot of lovely colors.
Posted by Amy White, 15th Nov 2018

No Pull Harness

I love this no pull harness! Works exactly as described! Fits our Staffy boy nicely and he has received so many compliments - so handsome. Great assortment of colors to choose from and it's so nice to have the velvet cover underneath so it doesn't rub him raw. We're very happy with this product.
Posted by Debbie, 1st Oct 2017

Highly recommend

I highly recommend this harness for dogs that pull. Our biggest pit pulls a lot and every other brand we have tried is not effective, and/or leaves rashes under his arms. With the dual leash you can control the front and back of the harness preventing the dog from pulling. You can also just use a regular leash on the back, OR the front leaving a variety of options. I love the martingale style loop for the back of the harness too so it pulls gently without the harness sliding around. The velvet underarm straps prevent chafing of the skin. My favorite part of all is the variety of fun colors these harnesses come in! We got a second one for our other pit who was getting so scraped up from his easy walk, which worked great but cut up his skin badly where it rubbed. He loves the freedom harness and looks stylin' with the bright teal against his black fur.
Posted by Samm, 5th Feb 2017

Very stylish harness

This is a great harness. It's strong enough to stand up to pittie abuse and looks very stylish (I got the purple/black option). Everything is adjustable so you can make it fit your dog exactly. My dog got more reactive on the short leash created by attaching it at both ends, so I've switched back to my old leather leash, but I'm still very happy with the harness.
Posted by Elizabeth, 16th Dec 2015

Works amazing

I ordered this for my dog Roxy who always pulls and chokes herself while walking with a traditional collar and leash. It is even so bad she would rub the fur off of her neck in places. She doesn't listen and taking her for a walk is more of a chore. This fits her really well and I love that all of the straps adjust to give it a proper fit. Once it was on and we went for the first walk it was like she was a whole different dog. She responded instantly with the double hook leash. I love it!
Posted by Holly, 29th Oct 2015

Quality beyond my expectations

My block-headed boy has become strong & persistent & curious - and very difficult to walk on a standard flat collar. This harness has been a dream come true. Great quality product with such attention to comfort details (especially the strap across his chest) - this has made walking so much better. Adding some on-leash training & lots of treats have made a big difference in the very first week. I look forward to having lots of great walks in the future!
Posted by Karen Cottrell, 30th Aug 2015

Finally, no raw spots!

I have a very barrel chested boy who is learning to walk nicely on leash, but needs a harness when we're anywhere exciting - just so I can hang onto him. It was impossible to find a pet store harness that fit him properly. This one does. The chest strap is soft so it doesn't rub, and he's easy to walk even inside pet stores.
Posted by Jen A, 12th Feb 2015