Gondola Fleece Base Layer



Looking for a comfy, cozy fleece to go under your dog's new Scout or Trail Puffer? Or two-legged jammies that are less complicated to put on your dog? GF Pet's Gondola Fleece Base Layer is the perfect solution for your dog to sleep in AND wear as a base layer under winter coats and vests. Soft poly fleece is cut nice and loose around the armpits and ribcage, so it won't chafe tender skin or cause heat rashes. The waist is cut high and tight, so boys won't pee on the underside. No back legs to slip off and get all tangled up in! Front legs are just the right length for shorty pit-types but fit more like 3/4 sleeves on giraffes.

Altogther brilliant. We're in love!

  • Lightweight poly fleece
  • Generous fit around ribcage and legs
  • Comfy neck won't slide over shoulders or dig in
  • Machine washable
  • Durable


Sizing Information

Size XL is 18-21"L and fits girth 24-28", Size 2X is 21-24" L and fits girth 26-31", Size 3X is 24-28" and fits girth 30-35" (length depends on dog's girth, these shorten a bit as the ribcage expands to fit larger girths)