Goughnuts K9 Kanolli



Dogs love work-to-eat toys and the Goughnuts K9 Kanolli has the largest fillable opening of any toy on the market! Fill with a mixture of peanut butter & crispy treats, yogurt & blueberries, chopped liver mixed with crunchy food or even feed your dog's entire home-cooked meal in the toy! Freeze for a couple of hours to make the treat last longer. Great for kennel enrichment, crate training, boredom busting, teaching a dog to "settle" while you eat dinner... so many great uses. And it's durable enough to withstand a fair amount of nibbling! 

**As with any toy, we recommend learning your dog's chewing habits before leaving them unsupervised with toys. The K9 Kanolli is a work-to-eat toy and not meant to be used unfilled for lengthy chewing sessions! When the filing is gone, take the toy away, wash and put it away until next time. Or refill immediately refill and freeze for a future enrichment session. If your dog tends to break off chunks of toys, please be sure to supervise!

  • Non-toxic vulcanized rubber
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA