Goughnuts Orange



Goughnuts Orange is a tough toy but a bit softer than the Black and Maxx formulas, so it's perfect for your senior dog who needs something a little gentler! "Virtually Indestructible"... many companies claim it, but GoughNuts guarantees it.  Each Goughnut is equipped with a built-in safety indicator: if your dog chews through to the inner red core, it's time to take the toy away and either send it back for a free replacement or discard it (they're recyclable!). Understanding leverages that are present in a dog's jaws and relying on 60 years of rubber technology has resulted in an indestructible toy!  (Dogs who are capable of getting through the toy may be asked to be tracked for Goughnuts' ongoing plan for improvement). Put it to the test!

**As with any chew toy, we recommend learning your dog's chewing habits before leaving them unsupervised with toys. If your dog tends to break off chunks of toys, please be sure to supervise chew sessions. However, Goughnuts come with a lifetime replacement guarantee! If the red or yellow core is showing, the toy can be sent back for a free replacement. (Instructions for warranty claims are on all Goughnuts packaging)

  • 5" wide and 1.75" diameter, for senior chewers
  • Made in the USA

Sizing Information

5" x 1.75" diameter