Jolly Ball Push n Play


Product Overview

Do you have a dog who likes to boop and kick toys around? The Jolly Ball Push n Play will engage your little busybody for hours! Durable, hard, thick plastic makes this ball really tough to bite into and its smooth surface means it rolls fast. Remove the threaded stopper and fill with water, sound or gravel for a weighted ball workout. (Good for using on really slick surfaces because it slows down the speed of the roll and makes it more challenge to push).

You'll enjoy watching your boop it, kick it and chase it and a 10 minute session typically results in a nice nap!

***As durable as these balls are, they are play & exercise toys, not meant to be used a chew toy. They will take a beating when your dog kicks it, bites it and slams it around, but it's not meant for prolonged chew sessions. Store in a secure place when not in use. Also, please purchase the correct size for your dog. Larger dog means larger mouth, so order a larger ball! 

  • 6" is great for pups under 45 lbs
  • 10" is best for 45+ lbs
  • 100% non-toxic polyethylene plastic
  • BPA free
  • Floats for water play
  • Made in the USA