Jolly Egg

$15.00 - $20.00

Product Overview

For the dog who destroys every toy--Jolly Pets has done it again--they made this funny egg-shaped thing that rolls erratically and keeps your dog entertained for hours. The Jolly Egg's shape makes it really tough to bite into, because when your dog tries to bite it, the egg slips away and scoots across the floor... then they'll run after it and it starts all over again!

***This in a play & exercise toy, not meant to be a chew toy. It's extremely durable and will take a beating when your dog kicks it, bites it and slams it around, but it's not meant for prolonged chewing sessions. Store in a secure place when not in use.  The 8" egg is for smaller, more compact, "pocket" pitties or large pups. If you have an adult dog with a big head and mouth, please order the 12" egg

  • 100% non-toxic polyethylene plastic
  • Extra-durable to stand up to rigorous play
  • BPA free
  • Floats for water play
  • Made in the USA

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