KONG Aqua Toy

$7.00 $12.00 (You save $5.00)

Fantastic tool for coaxing a water-shy dog into the water--it's their favorite Kong chew toy on a rope! Just throw the KONG Aqua toy into the pool and watch your dog fly after it (be sure to show them how to use the ramp, pool ladder or stairs first)! We've found the large size works well for medium to large dogs. Great for retrieving training!

**this is for interactive games between you and your dog. It holds up well for games of tug-of-war and for fetch games in water. Not meant to be used for long chewing sessions. 

  • Floats for endless water fun!
  • Long-distance throw rope
  • For dogs 30 to 65 lbs
  • Non toxic
  • Made in the USA


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