Kurgo Travel Tailgate "Dumpster" for Poop Bags

Was: $20.00
Now: $12.00
(You save $8.00 )

Product Overview

Have you and your dog ever gotten stuck on the trail, beach or at an event with a full poop bag and not a trash can in sight? You have to either litter (Booo!) or get creative like MacGyver. Carefully closing it into the door, tying it to a windshield wiper (praying it doesn't rain on the way home). And then when you arrive home, you realize that at some point, it fell off. Double Boo!

Thanks to this brilliant little invention, the days of holding the bag are now over! The Kurgo Travel Tailgate "Dumpster" attaches right to the back of your vehicle with super-strong magnets, allowing you to store your dog's waste on the exterior of your car. Once you're home, the holder detaches easily, so you can dispose of it and move on to more pleasant things. Where has this thing been all my life?

***Note: this is a magnetic product and will not work on aluminum or fiberglass. Some SUVs and trucks have rear doors made of fiberglass or aluminum. Before ordering, please check to see if the back of your car is magnetic 100% silicone
  • easy to clean!
  • drainage holes in bottom
  • 2 magnets on back for a strong hold
  • magnetic lid stays closed
  • for trucks, can be attached to the inside of the tailgate for extra security in windy conditions