Perfect Pace Head Halter and Leash

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This amazing tool offers gentle control of your dog by applying pressure at the top of the neck and under the dog's jaw for optimum control. There is no pressure on the throat because The Perfect Pace Head Halter and Leash forms a figure eight around your dog's upper neck and muzzle, criss-crossing under the chin. The upward pressure raises the dog's head and encourages her to pay attention to you. Even the most challenging dog will stop pulling in minutes! Formerly called Infinity Lead--new name but same great design!

  • simple adjustment makes it easy to transition quickly for use on different dogs--great for rescues, boarding facilities and shelters!
  • discourages pulling and lunging
  • easy to use all in one leash and collar design
  • Soft, woven material is gentle on dog and hands
  • encourages calmness and attention
  • no buckles to fumble with
  • does not pull dog's head to the side like some head halters



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I love the new lead

I have a stubborn pit but this lead makes both of us happy. With the old lead he was able to wiggle out unless I ran it between his eyes.. This one is great and while he may not love it he doesn't hate it
Posted by Janet , 17th Mar 2016