Pets Inside! Window Decal



Part of being prepared for an emergency at home is letting first responders know that your pets need to be rescued! Placing a Pets Inside! Window Decal in windows near each entrance of your home will let everyone know to search for your pets. We've designed our decal to be more inclusive, not only featuring an adorable pit bull-type dog, but also smaller pets that are sometimes overlooked during fire rescues. We also hope that the inclusion of a friendly, blocky-headed dog on our decal may put emergency crews at ease :)

For every decal sold, we donate $1 to Pinups for Pitbulls, to help their mission of educating the public about BSL and how to create safer communities through responsible dog ownership! Buy a single decal or save $ and get one for each side of your home with our 4-packs!

  • Attention-grabbing 5 x 7 size
  • low tack adhesive, safe for coated windows
  • Front-stick decal goes on the inside of the window
  • Reusable, can be moved from window to window
  • designed by artist Ryan Duggan 
  • original design, only available on fit4apit
  • Made in USA

Sizing Information

To install for maximum sticking power, begin with a squeaky-clean clean window. Ideally, one decal should be used at each entrance. Remove backing and place top edge of decal --preferably at eye level --and slowly smooth the decal downwards with your fingertips, avoiding bubbles (a similar process to putting a screen protector on your phone). When installed as instructed, the decal will stay in place until you decide to remove it! As long as it's not creased, it can be reused. PLEASE NOTE: As with any colorful printed material, continued exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading over time, so choose a location with indirect light or a UV-coated window for longevity of your decal!