"My dog usually wears a large". We hear this all the time! In the dog apparel industry, though, there is no "usually". One brand's Large will barely fit a miniature poodle, while another brand's idea of Large is oversized for even an Irish Wolfhound! Luckily, we've found a way to remedy this and it's nearly foolproof! The thing is, we need you to work with us a're gonna have to measure your dog.  We've personally measured every garment we sell and taken the time to list all the measurements for you, right in the Product Details tab on each product's page. So please take the time to click the little arrow and expand the details so you can see these measurements. Then, measure your dog using the diagram and instructions on our FIT YOUR PIT page and voila! you'll be able to easily find the corresponding size for your dog.  

If you've measured your dog and still aren't sure which size to order, please EMAIL US for the fastest response and we'll make sure you get the right fit! We're so happy to do this. And trust us when we say IT'S SO MUCH LESS HASSLE FOR YOU THAN A RETURN.

If you end up needing to return something though, don't sweat it. We want you and your dog to be happy, so in most cases, we do allow returns for refund or exchange.




  • DON'T TOUCH THOSE TAGS! Please step away from the scissors. We can't accept returns on merchandise with no tags, so leave them on until you're 100% sure that you're keeping it.
  • TRY IT ON YOUR DOG BEFORE LETTING THEM ACTUALLY WEAR IT.  Dogs are so very hairy...and they tend to drop & roll in the blink of an eye. So when you get that sweater, quickly try it on your pup indoors (preferrably with no wrestling mates nearby). We can't accept returns on worn merchandise because we can't resell it. This is a small business and we can't afford to absorb a loss because you realized it didn't fit AFTER your dog rolled in that leaf pile.

**In the rare case of a manufacturing defect, we will of course make an exception to this policy! Please take a photo of the defect and EMAIL US right away. We'll have the manufacturer handle replacement and, if applicable, include a prepaid label for the return




  • LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. You can do this via our website or EMAIL US 
  • KEEP THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. In most cases, you can re-use it to ship back to us. It doesn't matter if it becomes FRANKENPACKAGE. Help us conserve by reusing packaging.
  • INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR ORDER so we know whose item we're checking back in!
  • LINT ROLL THE ITEM, INSIDE & OUT. WE MEAN IT. DO NOT SEND YOUR DOG'S HAIR BACK TO US. We have more than enough dog hair around here already. If you don't have a lint roller, a piece of tape works well. We don't have a warehouse filled with high-tech-dog-hair-removal machines, nor are there workers standing around with lint rollers in hand, waiting to roll customer returns. Almost everything that happens at (including lint rolling) is accomplished by 2 very hard-working humans who have a lot to do every day. We work 365 days a year. Please don't make us lint roll your sweater. 
  • PLEASE DON'T SEND US SMELLY THINGS. If you're a smoker returning an item, store it in a smoke-free area of your home or office until it goes to the post office! Likewise, if your dog desperately needs a bath, bathe him before trying that fleece on! If we get it back and it reeks, we'll have to charge a 50% re-stocking fee because that item is a total loss for us. Please be considerate! 
  • WE CAN'T COVER EVERY CUSTOMER'S MISTAKE.  We've put so many safeguards in place to catch sizing errors. There are diagrams, instructions, a how-to-measure-your-dog video, measurements for each item right on the item's page, a printable tape measure, plus we're here to answer any sizing questions.  So in the case of size exchange, we typically don't provide prepaid labels unless the mistake is ours. If this makes you mad, just understand that this is a nano-size, family-owned business. If we sent prepaid labels for every incoming size exchange and then turned around and paid shipping for every outgoing exchange, we would be out of business FAST.  So please-- give us a break. Be kind and honest enough to admit that maybe you didn't measure your dog... or you did measure but she was super wiggly and/or nibbling the tape lost your patience and emailed us some random numbers that sounded good. We believe in being fair with you, so please return the favor and be fair to us.
  • USPS SELF-SERVE KIOSKS ARE RAD! Go grab a First Class label from the machine in your nearest USPS office's lobby (most of which are open 24/7). It takes 1 minute. Peel and stick, then toss it into the chute. While doing this, remind yourself that your dog is gonna totally rock that perfectly fitting jacket or sweater! You'll sleep easier that night, knowing you didn't contribute to the failure of a small business that exists entirely for the welfare and happiness of pit bull-type dogs. 
  • USPS FIRST CLASS IS BEST. It's cheap and it's now just as fast as Priority. You can print a label at any USPS kiosk and it takes 30 seconds ( doesn't give you a First Class option, another reason why the kiosk is best)
  • EVERYTHING SHIPS BACK TO US.  Unless there is a manufacturing defect and we've advised you to send to another address, send everything to us. Be sure to include your name & order # with the return. Once your return has been authorized by us and the clean, hair-free item is packaged up and ready to go, ship to us here: 


           Fit for a Pit

           P.O. Box 3466

           Kinston, NC 28502


IT NEEDS TO BE BACK HERE WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM THE DAY YOU RECEIVE IT Don't throw it in your car and forget about it for 7 months. Many items are seasonal and stock is always changing, so we really need that item back, so we can handle the exchange or refund and move on. Loose ends drive us so very bananas! 

Once the package is received and inspected, we'll ship your exchange and update you with new tracking info. If you're returning for refund, our sytem will automatically credit your card or Paypal account for the amount of the item returned within two business days of receipt.  Although we handle refunds promptly, banks don't always post refunds immediately. You should see it in your pending transactions within 1-2 business days (most retailers like to say "you'll see the refund within 1-2 billing cycles, but we've never actually seen a refund take that long for anyone, ever).


***HAIRY, DIRTY AND/OR SMELLY ITEMS AND ITEMS WITHOUT TAGS WILL BE SUBJECT TO A RESTOCKING FEE of 50% of the retail price or the item will be returned to sender***


Original shipping charges are not refundable unless otherwise noted. If you are not eligible for a refund or would prefer a store credit, we'll email you a gift certificate coupon code to use for a future purchase.



If you are purchasing toys or sports equipment, please read the item description! We rate the strength of all chew toys and always advise you to purchase the correct size for your dog (large dog=larger toy). If the toy is defective, we'll send a return label to you and either refund or exchange. If the damage is due to the toy being the wrong size for your dog (i.e., you bought the small Jolly Egg for your 80 lb dog) or indicative that the toy was misused (i.e., a flirt pole lure that was used as a chew toy), we won't be able to offer any replacement or refund.  

Remember, we're here to help you, so if you have any questions about a product or need advice, please EMAIL US! We'll make sure you find the perfect items for your dog so you won't have the hassle of a return.



Beds and bedding are not returnable unless the bed or cover is defective. If you encounter a defect, we will notify the manufacturer and they'll send a replacement and call tag for the defective item to be sent back for inspection.



As long as they're not open, you can return within 14 days for refund or exchange.


WHAT TO DO IF YOU RECEIVE A DAMAGED PACKAGE: please leave all packaging intact and EMAIL US.  We'll file a damage claim immediately via the appropriate carrier and get a new item out to you right away! We'll need to submit clear photos of the packaging and/or damaged item(s) to USPS. In some cases, USPS may ask for the packaging and items to be returned to us (don't worry, we'll send you a label) for further inspection. If your item(s) is in stock, we'll send a replacement right away, or we'll refund you for the damaged item!


WHAT TO DO IF TRACKING REFLECTS THAT YOUR PACKAGE IS LOST: In most cases, USPS is fairly efficient. Most First Class or Priority orders arrive 3-5 business days after being shipped out by us. However, if your order seems to be taking longer than that, please check the tracking info before contacting us. If it appears to still be headed your way, please give it a few days and check again. Weather patterns and natural disasters in other areas of the country can affect transit time for the entire country. During or after these events, many shipments are re-routed through different hubs to avoid delays, so you may see your package circling back towards you to be processed through another hub to be sent back out on a different route. Usually, things get where they need to go and everyone is happy. 

In the event that your order seems to be circling the country and landing nowhere, let us know and we'll have USPS put a tracer on it and try to get it pointed back in the right direction. But please understand that once it leaves here, we no longer have any control over how fast your order is transported. We can't keep daily tabs on where every package is at all times, so if yours is taking longer than normal, it's likely that we're totally unaware of this... so when you email us, please be nice!

We purchase insurance for every shipment and are covered for anything lost or damaged by USPS. However, items marked as "delivered" do not qualify as lost... those are considered stolen (please see below).

International customers: shipping transit times vary wildly, so we can't estimate how long an order will take to reach your llocal post office. USPS tracking is up to date until the package leaves the States and is not updated until USPS receives updates from your regional mail carrier. Once it clears customs in your country, we may or may not see another update before it is actually delivered. All information obtained by USPS from overseas carriers is updated immediately and will reflect in the tracking info you see online. We don't have additional info to share beyond what is on the tracking page.  If you have concern about a lack of updates in tracking, the best thing to do is to contact your local post to see if they have any information. Often times, they can tell you where it is and have not updates USPS yet! Unfortunately, we can't make mail move faster. Thank you for your patience! 


If you live in a building with a common mail area, a front desk, mailbox that does not lock or your mail carrier leaves packages in an unsecured area such as a deck, porch or stoop, PLEASE PROVIDE AN ALTERNATE, MORE SECURE SHIPPING ADDRESS. Have it delivered to your work address, a P.O. Box, or a friend or family member's home with locking mailbox, etc. Mail theft is on the rise everywhere, even in "safe" neighborhoods. 

Fit for a Pit is not responsible for replacing items marked as "delivered" and USPS does not pay insurance claims on delivered packages.