Fit for a Pit carries clothing made by several different manufacturers. Each brand has its own sizing chart, so you'll find that a Large from Chilly Dog  will fit your dog differently than the Large you got at a big box pet store.  That's why we post measurements for all clothing and accessories right on each product's page! Click on "product details" and you'll discover all kinds of great information, including girth and length measurements. 

To get the best fit and eliminate the need for exchanges, please measure your dog using these step-by-step instructions and diagram:

1. Start with a fabric or paper measuring tape. Please, no metal construction tapes--the noise may scare your dog and the reading won't be accurate! If you don't have a fabric or paper tape measure, please save and print our handy dandy PRINTABLE TAPE MEASURE! (be sure to choose landscape format when printing)

2. While your dog is standing, place one end of the tape at the base of the back of the neck, run the tape along the spine, ending right before the tail begins (many dogs have a dimple there). This is your length measurement.

3. Now, for the most important measurement for deep-chested dogs: girth! Looking down at your standing dog's back, locate the widest part of the ribcage and wrap your measuring tape around it. This is your girth measurement.




Would you rather see the measuring process in action? Check out this great video from our friend Louise Stapleton-Frappell! She's a force-free dog trainer and mum to Jambo, who is the world's first and only Staffordshire Bull Terrier to become a Champion Trick Dog! He is also our best product tester and quite the supermodel. 


If it turns out your dog is in between sizes or you just aren't sure, we're here to help! We know everything about each garment and in some cases, may recommend going up or down a size. We know which items have the most stretch and which ones are the most adjustable. Email or calll 214-774-9748 for assistance. If you end up needing a different size, please visit our SHIPPING & RETURNS page for instructions and return address