SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray


Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, encountering an unknown animal can be both frightening and dangerous for you and your dog! Yelling or getting aggressive with the can make things worse--so can turning around and running. Spray shield, which emits a citronella spray, is just the thing to interrupt the animal's approach, and will not harm you, your dog or the animal in question.  (Pepper spray can be dangerous, as a breeze can redirect the spray into you or your dog's eyes. It can also make an animal more aggressive because of the sting). While this probably won't stop a black bear or mountain lion from charging, it can send smaller animals (like racoons, dogs, etc) running in the other direction.. or at least stun them enough to give you time to get your dog to safety.

  • range: 10 ft
  • 3 oz volume
  • contains 12- one-second sprays per can
  • belt clip for portability


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