SprayShield Stray Animal Deterrent Spray



Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, encountering an unknown animal can be both scary and dangerous for you and your dog! Yelling or kicking may only make things worse--so can turning around and running away. SprayShield Stray Animal Deterrent Spray emits a high-powered citronella spray which is just the thing to interrupt an unwanted stray animal's approach without harming any animals or people!  (Pepper spray is dangerous because a breeze can redirect the spray into you or your dog's eyes. It can also make the approaching animal more aggressive because it stings). 

A spray can reach animals 10ft away and deposits foamy citronella extract, which has a strong scent that most animals find aversive. This gives you and your dog(s) time to get away to a safe place. The nozzle can be turned to lock and prevent accidental discharging. 

**Although the company states this spray will deter low to medium-level aggression, on several occasions, I've personally gotten aggressive, off-leash dogs to release their bite by using SprayShield! It's literally been a life saver during neighborhood walks and large pack walks with my meetup groups!

  • small can, fits in the palm of your hand or in a pocket
  • 3 oz volume
  • contains twelve one-second sprays per can!
  • can has a built-in belt clip