The Unofficial Guide to Dogs in Need of Space

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You might not know this, but we have a Dog in Need of Space! Since discovering Jessica Dolce's 'Notes from a Dog Walker' blog and DINOS facebook page a few years ago, I've learned all sorts of incredibly useful tricks and tips that make walking our DINO so much easier! The Official Guide to Dogs in Need of Space is basically everything you need to know about protecting you and your dog during walks. It may sound grandiose but if you've got a DINO at home, you know that being able to enjoy the outdoors together could completely change your life. Don't be a recluse. Read this book and go take that dog for a walk!

  • Hundreds of tips and tricks for dog walks
  • Learn what tools work best 
  • Training tips to help your dog 
  • 62 pages, paperback
  • Made in the USA