Wild Weenies



Stella & Chewy's Wild Weenies are the perfect "high value" treats! Bite-sized sausage-shaped treats are light as air but packed full of freeze-dried meat and liver! I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't go bananas for these. They're very clean, too, so it's easy to grab a handful for walks or training classes without making a mess of your pockets. Our dogs are obsessed and will do anything for a Wild Weenie!

Stella & Chewy's uses only high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients from farmers and ranchers they know and trust. Treats are freeze-dried raw meat, grain-free, potato, pea/pea protein, lentil, legume-free, made in their kitchen right here in the USA! These single ingredient treats are great for dogs with sensitive skin & tummies, too!

  • easy to chew; great dog gobblers or dogs who have dental issues
  • 97% or more meat & liver
  • Protein-rich, high-value 
  • Free of gluten, grain, peas, potatoes & lentils
  • No hormones or antibiotics added
  • Made in USA